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About Us

Hello, I am Alexander. Founder of Moment at Hand. An online retailer of affordable, yet expertly crafted mechanical watches. However, I intend for this site to be so much more than another eCommerce store.

I see this platform as a chance to celebrate the timeless virtues or strong heroic men. This archetype has been under attack for decades, but there is a hunger growling in society. Young men yearn to discover their purpose and develop themselves into the best possible men they can be. 

We have all heard those stories of a watch that has been passed down from father to son; Master to apprentice. I see this as a metaphor for the passing down of hard-won traditionally masculine virtues of personal responsibility, discipline, fidelity, competition and vigilance through the generations. These are the values that society is built on. 

Now is our chance to pass down these very same timeless treasures. Both figuratively and literally. Through quality time pieces that are powered by our action, and original content that inspires heroism. Moment at Hand hopes to provide you with your very own treasures that can be passed down through the generations. 


- Alexander Meyer

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