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The Watch That Started It All

Sometimes the choices we make and directions we take can be traced back to one moment.  It can be a conversation, a lesson or a gift. In many men's lives there is probably no one person who has imparted more of these moments than our fathers. I feel fortunate to say I am one of those men, and Moment at Hand is a testament to one such moment. 

Three years ago my apartment was robbed. Among the many thousands of dollars of items that were stolen was my watch collection. It consisted of about a dozen time pieces, half of which were hand-me-downs and gifts from my father. In there were a couple Seikos, a Rolex, an Invicta, a Nixon, and a special edition Mercedes-Benz SLR Tag Heuer. Much of what was stolen was replaceable, but not my watches. Watches are very personal. Like a little ticking life, we form a bond with them. And watches received as gifts are some of the most thoughtful, because a good watch can last a lifetime... and beyond. 

A few months later I gathered with my whole family for Christmas. Towards the end of the gift exchange my dad reaches into some far recess of the tree and grabs a little bulging envelope. He explains that he didn't have time to wrap it. The package had just been delivered that morning. I bust open the manila envelope to find a bundle of bubble wrap. It wasn't the prettiest presentation, but what was inside was a different story. 

Replica PaneraiHis gift turned out to be a replica Panerai hand-wind mechanical watch with convex crystal, a blue face and matching hands, recessed numbers and a brown leather band. The packaging would indicate the watch was a bargain, but the piece itself was gorgeous. Had I known better I would say this watch was at least a cool grand! 

As is to be expected the gift wasn't just the watch. It also came with a lesson. He was excited to tell me about how mechanical watch manufacturing was undergoing a change, with China starting to produce extremely high quality mechanical watches at a fraction of the cost of established brands. He told me about the quality and precision of Japan, Miyota and Seagull movements and how they compared to their more expensive counterparts. As an avid watch collector with many thousands of dollars invested and hobbyist watch repairmen himself I trust his knowledge on the matter. 

That lesson in mechanics and market innovation stuck with me, and it only further sparked my interest in collecting. However, as a young man trying to make my way in the world, real Panerais, Tags, and Omegas were out of the question. But with this knowledge I could indulge in my passion for precision crafted mechanical watches without needing to sell off a kidney.

This watch has gone on to become probably my favorite in my collection, and certainly my most worn. To this day I still get fellow watch enthusiasts wearing time pieces worth ungodly amounts of money coming up to me on the street to look at and drool over my budget replica Panerai. 

This watch, and this story has been the inspiration for opening Moment at Hand. I sincerely believe precision quality doesn't need to mean pricey. This website is for the young men, the hustlers and go-getters who have Rolex taste on a Timex budget. We all wish to get to the point where our success affords us the luxury to invest in genuine brand name watches, but who says you can't start your collection now? 

With the level of quality seen in the watches sold here, you could very likely pass down one of these watches to your son, like passing the torch of knowledge and wisdom like only a father can do.

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