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∞ mAh

Infinite mAh - Moment at HandIt is entirely by coincidence that the initials of Moment at Hand are M.A.H. Milliamp Hours, denoted as mAh is a standard measurement of the power reserve of a battery. Or in other words, power over time.

I find this coincidence significant, as it has the potential to tell a powerful story about our place as men in history.

A watch battery can be rated at anywhere from 5 to 175 mAh. For comparison, a mobile phone battery is roughly 3,000 mAh. But as you know a mechanical watch is powered by the wearer. So what is the mAh of a human?

Well, it's potentially infinite. However, the operative word is "potentially".

A mechanical wrist watch, whether automatic or manual relies on the wearer to intentionally convert their kinetic energy into the stored energy in the watch's main spring. On an automatic watch that means the owner must wear it and be active. On a completely mechanical watch the owner must be even more disciplined by regularly winding the watch. If the watch owner however, does not routinely provide the energy the watch requires it will eventually die, rendering it's existence pointless. On the other hand, if well maintained the watch can be passed on through the generations indefinitely. 

I would like to extrapolate this as a metaphor for our time and place in history (i.e. the moment at hand.) 

A timepiece represents the culmination of thousands of years of innovation, ingenuity and collective industrial effort. Like the story "I, Pencil", only infinitely more complicated. A mechanical wrist watch represents the individual taking responsibility for this tradition, and thus imparting their effort to keep the gears of progress turning. 

So, why do I claim this deals with men's current place in history? Because time keepers are archetypally male. Think 'Chronos', 'Father Time' or even "Death'. Throughout all of human history men were the guardians of their civilizations. Working in shifts to patrol the perimeters of their tribe's land for threats to their way of life. Men were the ones to venture far out into the wild to hunt for resources for their families, relying only on the original time pieces, the sun and the stars to guide them. Men were the ones not only to build the gears of industry, but maintain them allowing humanity to rise out of the state of nature, our baseline of survival and subsistence, to create an infinitely better quality of life for everyone in society; Most notably women, children, and those less able to contribute who would all otherwise be at the mercy of the wild. 

(This is not to dismiss the immense contributions of women to the flourishing of our civilization. They are after all, the ones who create life.)

At this moment in history though, our civilization is at a crossroads. Masculine values are at risk of being extinguished, and with it the vigilance needed to maintain our way of life. Third-wave feminism has deemed masculinity as "toxic". More children than ever are being raised without their fathers, leaving little boys without a male role model, and little girls without an example of a virtuous man. Education has largely been taken over by women, and made to cater specifically to the learning habits of girls. Boys in these systems who don't conform are looked at as 'defective girls' and prescribed drugs to curb their nature.

The result of this has been a generation of aimless and nihilistic men who have forgotten how to compete. They substitute achievement with video games and families for pornography. It has allowed subjectivism and post-modernism to sweep across Western civilization, making us impotent and incapable of finding anything worth fighting for. We can see this leading to cratering birth rates in the West.

Gender relations are in shambles. Young people have to navigate a minefield of ideological tripwires, and potential mates inflicted with PTSD from years of hedonistically acting against their best self interest. It has gotten so contentious that sub-cultures on both sides of the gender divide have decided to opt-out completely!

That is bad enough, but when you take into account that there are neighboring civilizations, with opposing value systems, assertive men and theocratically imposed gender roles being ushered in to ours, then given carte-blanche to exploit the riches and traditions we have spent millennia cultivating, the problem appears to be far worse.

Yes I am referring to the migrant crisis, which is particularly volatile in Europe. This is an issue that is far more complicated and nuanced than I can get into here.

However, the point I am making is that a culture that values the masculine virtue of rigorous debate would openly discuss the risks and merits of these practices without fear of accusations of 'racism', 'sexism' and 'xenophobia'. Then, if the risk were determined to be credible, these men would be charged with once again protecting the women, children and invalids of their culture from regressive influence and those who seek to replace the host culture with theirs. As it stands now, this conversation is not even allowed to take place. Feelz are drowning out the facts.

To honor and emulate the intellectual giants and heroes who's shoulders we stand upon we must rediscover masculinity. This is how we can maintain the mechanisms of our society, and improve upon them. The gears if not turned by human action, will fall into disrepair. As stated before, our potential energy is infinite. Infinitely large or infinitely null.  

So where do we start? Psychology Professor Jordan Peterson says the best place to start if you want to take control of your life and create a better world is to clean your room. I'll take it one further.

Wind your watch. 

This is the first step towards cultivating the discipline needed to live with meaning, thereby honoring our ancestors and ensuring they did not toil in vain.  

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