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∞ mAh

It is entirely by coincidence that the initials of Moment at Hand are M.A.H. Milliamp Hours, denoted as mAh is a standard measurement of the power reserve of a battery. Or in other words, power over time. I find this coincidence significant, as it has the potential to tell a powerful story about our place as men in history. A watch battery can be rated at anywhere from 5 to 175 mAh. For comparison, a mobile phone battery is roughly 3,000 mAh. But as you know a mechanical watch is powered by the wearer. So what is the mAh of a human? Well, it's potentially infinite. However, the operative word is "potentially". A mechanical wrist watch, whether automatic or manual relies...

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The Watch That Started It All

Sometimes the choices we make and directions we take can be traced back to one moment.  It can be a conversation, a lesson or a gift. In many men's lives there is probably no one person who has imparted more of these moments than our fathers. I feel fortunate to say I am one of those men, and Moment at Hand is a testament to one such moment.  Three years ago my apartment was robbed. Among the many thousands of dollars of items that were stolen was my watch collection. It consisted of about a dozen time pieces, half of which were hand-me-downs and gifts from my father. In there were a couple Seikos, a Rolex, an Invicta, a Nixon, and a...

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